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August 2, 2013

Joey, Our Van Driver & The Book of Mormon

Just a quick fun story.  On the way home from the Manila Cemetery, I sat in the front of the van and chatted with our driver, Joey.  Joey told me that he had worked as a driver for the Area Office for 4 years.  Four years of driving missionaries back and forth from various locations throughout the Metro Manila area!  

From our conversation, I knew Joey was not a member of the Church.  I said, "Joey, you drive missionaries around all day every day.  How many of them have given you a Book of Mormon?  Joey's response surprised me, and also made me giggle.  He said, "No one has ever given me a Book of Mormon.  They only give me these."  He opened his little ashtray and showed me a couple pass-along cards.  He continued, "I want a Book of Mormon, but this is all I get."

Joey's ashtray, or better yet, his coin spot in his van 

I couldn't hold back the laughter.  I explained that the pass-along cards had a phone number and a website listed on the back.  By calling the number or clicking on the website, he could request a Book of Mormon and the missionaries would bring one right to his door.  "But don't worry Joey, we can give you a Book of Mormon right now."  

I am driving down the road with a van full of missionaries going home the next day.  Surely they never leave home without a Book of Mormon.  I turned around and exclaimed, "Elders, Joey has been driving missionaries around for 4 years and no one has ever given him a Book of Mormon, and he wants one! Does anyone have a Book of Mormon we can give Joey?  

My request was met by silence.  All the Elders look at each other, and back at me.  I started to think that Joey wasn't going to get his Book of Mormon today either.  But just then, Elder Seeley pulled out Ang Aklat ni Mormon (Tagalog Book of Mormon), and handed it to me.  I placed it on the seat by Joey and explained that the Book of Mormon is an additional witness of Jesus Christ and it goes hand in hand with the Bible. (He had mentioned that he loves the Bible.)  I told him of the origin of the Book of Mormon and testified that it is a book of scripture written by God's ancient prophet on the American continent. Joey looked me in the eye and said, "I have always wanted a Book of Mormon.  Thank you." Joey promised he would read it, stating he has plenty of time as he waits for missionaries.

Later that evening we were talking about this experience and I said, "I was going to be disappointed if no one in the van had a Book of Mormon.  I'm thankful that Elder Seeley had one with him."  Elder Seeley confessed, "Well Sister Speirs, I was walking out of your home this morning, saw the Book of Mormon on the table and thought, "I should take this."  And he did.

Joey our van driver, now has a Aklat ni Mormon, straight off my sofa table, into Elder Seeley's bag, and now Joey's hands.  I am thankful for small miracles!  Hopefully next time we need a van, Joey will be our driver and we can check up on him.  

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