Sunday, September 4, 2016

August 2, 2016

Food, Testimonies, and Ties

In addition to visiting the American Memorial Cemetery in Manila, we spent the rest of the day eating, visiting, sharing great missionary experiences, and carrying on the Tye's tie tradition!  President and Sister Tye invited each departing missionary to leave an autographed tie which they hung on the Mission Home banister.  Before the Tye's went home, Sister Tye had a beautiful quilt made from the small end of the ties.  It was too great of a tradition to let die, so it must continue.  

I have fallen in love with all 14 of these missionaries.  Our thoughts and prayers will accompany them on their journey home and throughout the coming years.  May God Bless!

Breakfast in the Mission Home
Sister Su'a, Elders Reyes, Velena, Sison, Yocte, Lagudas, Alvarez, Samante, Mataele (hidden), Turituri
Elders Lambson, Ramos, Flitton, Seeley, Cahan, & Boam
Elder Cahan, Elder Seeley, President Speirs, Elder Reyes
Elder Reyes, Elder Lagudas, Elder Velena
Elder Velena, Elder Reyes, Elder Ramos, Elder Sison
Elder Alvarez & Elder Lambson
Project Pie - Build your pizza assemble line
Elder Flitton, Sister Su'a, Elder Turituri, Elder Mataele
Elder Lagu, Elder Samante, Elder Yocte
Back at the Mission Home

The 1st tie
Elder Simon
Elder Samante, our concert pianist
Autographing Ties

Elder Yocte and Elder Seeley signing our Cavite Mission 2016-19 Bench
Sister Petersen is a great Mission Historian

Elder Boam pointing to his name
Elder Reyes
Elder Flitton and I made a swap,
my skiing wooden duck for his canvas bag (I need it for working with the missionaries)
We both thought it was a good trade!
Yup!  I gave Elder Flitton his favorite Filipino souvenir ever!

They really were good missionaries, I promise
Our Elders earned their CLS (Companion Language Skills) English Proficient Certificates!
Elder Velena, Elder Lagudas, Elder Sison, Elder Turituri, Elder Yocte, Elder Flitton, Sister Su'a, Elder Cahan, Elder Seeley, Elder Alvarez, Elder Mataele, Elder Reyes, Elder Boam, Elder Samante
On our way home!

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