Friday, September 2, 2016

July 26, 2016

Manila Temple

We attended the Manila Temple with 22 Missionaries and all the Senior Couples on July 26th.  Traditionally, after completing their mission, the exiting missionaries attend the Manila Temple their last day as a missionary.  Because the temple will be closed until November, all the Elders and Sisters who return home in the next several transfers went together to the temple.  We enjoyed spending a beautiful day with our seasoned missionaries.  

President & Sister Speirs, Sister Brown, & Sister St. John
Sister Brown & Sister St. John go home in November
President & Sister Speirs, Sister Stevensen, and Sister Garcia (going home in September)

Pres. Speirs, Elder Samante, Elder Sison, Sister Carmen, Sister Brown, Elder Turituri

Elder Yocte and Elder Lagudas  

President Speirs, Elder Samante, Elder Sison

Sister St. John, Sister Carmen, Sister Brown, Elder Turituri, Sister Su'a, Elder Gill

Elder Turituri & Sister Su'a

 August departing Elders and Sister Su'a

August departing Elders and Sister Su'a

Our Pakistani Elders
Elder Gill, Elder Hidayat, Elder Gill & The Speirs

Elder Gill, Elder Hidayit, Elder Gill, & the Speirs
Philippines Cavite Senior Couples
Simons, Harveys, Laws, Speirs, Petersens, Broadbents
All the Elders and Sisters who will be completing their missions before the Manila Temple reopens in November, and the Senior Couples

Project Pie

On the way home from the temple we stopped at Project Pie for dinner, a favorite of the missionaries.  I believe it is also a favorite for the employees as well.  They told us that they love to serve the Mormon Missionaries and they look forward to our visits.  President Speirs and I have been asked a couple of times if we are related to the President & Sister Tye.  It gives us a great lead-in to talk about   the gospel and why we are in the Philippines.  

Elder Alvarez, Elder Reyes
Elder Ramos and the Speirs
Sister and Elder Broadbent and Sister Su'a
Elder & Sister Harvey, Elder and Sister Simon
Elder Lagudas, Elder Velena 
Elder Sison
Elder Hidayit, Elder Gill, Sister Stevensen, Elder Gill

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