Thursday, September 1, 2016

July 7, 2016

Mission Leadership Council 

Once a month a Mission Leadership Council (MLC) is held in the Mission Home. It was delightful to have the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders in our home.  They are an outstanding group of missionaries.  We look forward to serving side by side with them and getting to know each of the better.  

Sister Livermore, Sister Speirs, Sister Garcia, Sister Dacalcap, Sister Brown 
Elder Reyes, President Speirs, Elder Golden, Sister Speirs, Sister Livermore, Sister Brown, Sister Dacalcap
Our Zone Leaders!
Zone Leaders and President & Sister Speirs  
President & Sister Speirs and the Sister Training Leaders 
Sister King, Sister Bishoff, Sister Priest, Sister Thomas, Sister Speirs
These faithful Zone Leaders and Sister Su'a attend their last MLC before heading home.
Elder Yocte, Sister Su'a,  Elder Reyes, Elder Samante,
Elder Flitton, Elder Alvarez, Elder Seeley
Elder Boam, Elder Matale

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