Thursday, September 1, 2016

Senior Couples

The Philippines Cavite Mission is blessed to have 5 dedicated, talented Senior Couples.  Elder and Sister Petersen run the front office, keeping everything running smoothly.  They take care of the CLS Program (Companionship Language Study), mail, document the mission through photos and a written history, and prepare missionaries to go home.  Elder and Sister Harvey take care of finances, supplies, newsletter, referrals, etc.  Elder and Sister Simon run our warehouse and set up and check apartments.  Elder and Sister Broadbent are stationed in the Naic District and have multiple responsibilities from teaching piano, to checking apartments, to mentoring local leaders.  Elder and Sister Laws take care of all things medical.  Sister Laws is our Mission Nurse, and Elder Laws is affectionately called our "ambulance driver".  

In addition to the above responsibilities, each couple attends a branch in the Naic District.  They hold various callings from mentoring branch leaders, teaching the entire Primary, helping the Choir and teaching Temple Preparation classes.  They are invaluable, beloved, and do much behind the scenes work.  But most important, they LOVE the missionaries with all their hearts.

Elder & Sister Laws preparing to give flu shots to missionaries
The Petersens, Laws, Broadbents, Speirs, Harveys, and the Simons
Sister Petersen checking CLS progression
Flu Shots
Elder & Sister Broadbent and Sister Laws
Elder Petersen with some of his primary children
Elder & Sister Petersen giving all the 'going home' missionaries their travel plans, etc 
Elder Petersen readying Elder Reyes for his trip home
Elder & Sister Laws keeping everyone healthy with flu shots
Elder and Sister Petersen surrounded by New Missionaries & their Trainers
Elder & Sister Laws with New Missionaries & their Trainers
Elder Simons  & President Speirs in the warehouse 
Elder & Sister Simons holding something for the "Bawal of Shame"
Elder Seeley, Elder & Sister Broadbent
Sister Livermore, Sister Petersen, Sister King

Elder Sison, Elder Petersen, Elder Mataele 
Elder & Sister Laws with the August departing missionaries
Elder & Sister Petersen and the August departing missionaries 
Elder Boam, Eldder Seeley, Elder Petersen, Elder Flitton, Sister Petersen, Elder Sison, Elder Cahan

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