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September 13, 2016

Saying Goodbye to 5 Missionaries

Sister Stevensen & Sister Garcia

A very hard part of this calling is saying goodbye.  Sister Garcia and Sister Stevensen completed their 18-month missions and will be heading home tomorrow.  They both served as Sister Training Leaders which involves going on exchanges with the Sister Missionaries and helping and teaching the Sisters.  The Cavite Mission has been very blessed by their diligent service and we will miss them.  

Our Pakistani Elders

For the past 3 months, we have been blessed to have Elder Hidayat, Elder Gill, and Elder Gill (brothers) serve in the Cavite Mission.  As part of their mission experience, our Pakistani Elders were sent to serve in the Philippines for the first 3 months of their mission.  This gives them an opportunity to serve where the church is more established and where they can proselyte, before returning to the New Delhi, India Mission.  They made a big impact on the people they worked with, both missionaries and investigators.  We know they will continue to be excellent missionaries in New Delhi, and we are grateful that we were able to meet some of the Pakistan Pioneers.

Manila American Cemetery and Memorial

Once again, we visited the American Cemetery and had a testimony meeting inside the Memorial.  It is a beautiful, sacred place where one can easily feel the spirit.  I love the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It can bring together all nations, all races, and all people.  As we drove through the security gate to enter the Cemetery, we were stopped and asked our nationality.  The answer, "Three Filipinos, three Pakistanis, and Four Americans."  The gospel unites men everywhere with the common thread being our Savior Jesus Christ.  

After talking about sacrifices, the dedication of the Philippines for Missionary Work, and sharing testimonies, we all took a few moments in a 'solo time' to ponder and write in our journals.  

 Elder Gill, Elder Hidayat, and Elder Gill sang a hymn, "Ye Elder of Israel" in their native tongue.  It was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes to listen to our Pakistani Elders of Israel, truly pioneers in every right.   We are definitely a worldwide church and like Elder Gill said, "People everywhere are all the same.  We all want the same things."  I am thankful for the opportunity to meet and serve with our Pakistani Elders, even for a short while.  Good Luck to Elder Gill, Elder Gill, and Elder Hidayat. 


And of course we must take photos......

Last Day Activities Continue

After visiting the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial, we eat dinner together and then head back to the Mission Home for some final activities.

We will miss everyone of our missionaries!

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