Saturday, November 19, 2016

New Missionaries!

October 12, 2016

Four weeks after our missionaries arrive in the field, they return to the Mission Office with their trainers for a follow-up training session.  It is always great to see them again, feel their enthusiasm, and answer any questions.  
Elder Lim, Elder Lambson, Elder Bannagao
Sister Petersen, our photographer, taking pics of
Elder Iobeta, Elder Ramos, Elder Espinosa
Elder Milford, Elder Richards
Elder Suarez, Elder Huber
Elder Bannagao, Elder Suarez, Elder Huber
Catching a Jeepney home.
Elder Golden and Elder Tedrow
Elder Thomson, Elder Macalia, Elder Bannagao, Elder Suarez, Elder Villegas, Elder Huber
Waiting for a Jeepney 
Elder Suarez
Elder Brimhall and Elder Lim 
Waiting for a Jeepney in the front of the Mission Office.
The Molino Chapel is in the background. 

Sister King, Sister San Diego, Sister Tamatu, Elder Milford, Elder Espinosa 
Elder Ramos and Elder Lambson are hanging Sister Petersen's bamboo Christmas Tree in the Mission Office.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Zone Conference - September 2016

Sister St. John, Sister Lolahea
Sister Basillo, Sister Aquino, Sister Verances, SisterTable,
Sister Elacion, Sister Alapa, Sister San Pascual
Broadbents, Petersens, Laws

Elder Magallano  
Carissa District Elders
Elder Prows, Elder Ellaga, Elder Tuco, Elder Magbanua

Senior Couples:
Elder Laws, Sister Harvey, Sister Broadbent, Sister Petersen,
Elder Petersen, Elder Broadbent, Elder Harvey, Elder Simon
Our Gwapo Elders 
Sister Faaoa, Sister Dungan, Elder Ellaga, Elder Prows, Elder Serrano, Sister Bellita, Elder Magbanua
Elder Mejia, Elder Tuco
Naic District Elders
Elder Richards, Elder McLean, Elder Ebona, Elder Ah Wong
Elder Sione and Elder Hepari
New Zealand Mates

October 2016 MLC

Our Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders work very hard.  They are righteous, diligent missionaries who have the extra responsibility to serve and help the missionaries in their areas.  We all look forward to our Mission Leadership Council meetings which are held once a month in the Mission Home.  

Sister Livermore, Sister Dacalcap, Elder Ellega, Elder Prows, Elder Guiral , Elder Orongan
Elder Jury, President Speirs, Elder Padua, Elder Lambson, Elder Lugo, Elder Woodbury,
Elder Domingo, Elder Swasey, Elder Ramos 
President Speirs and his pineapple field, with Elder Woodbury, Elder Lambson, Sled Swasey, Elder Lugo, Elder Ramos, Elder Orongan, and Elder Padua

Sister Bishoff, Sister Livermore, Sister San Diego, Sister Silbasa, Sister Musni, Sister Dacalcap
Back:  Sister Thomas and Sister King 
Our October Mission Leadership Council

Elder Lorenzo, Elder Dolleno, Sister Thomas, Elder Ellaga, Elder Jury 

A sight I love!  Not seeing them leave, but watching how they love each other.

September 14, 2016

Eight New Elders and One New Sister!

The sadness of watching missionaries return home is always followed by the joy of new Elders and Sisters, straight out of the MTC, arriving at the Mission Home.  Today we welcomed eight new Elders and one Sister.  

Transfer Day - September 14, 2016

Transfer Day is exciting, happy, sad, scary, and everything in-between.  It is a time to welcome new missionaries straight from the MTC, as well as say Good-bye to old companions and area, and start anew.

Elder Woodbury, Pres. Speirs, Elder Espinoza, Elder Lucena
"Obedience is the new COOL!"

Sisters Williams, Brown, Bellita, Gabalfin, and Pumarin
Elder Mansing, Elder Galvez, Elder Lantano, Elder Biado
Elder Broadbent, Elder Feliciano, Elder Richards
Elder Lucena, Elder Huber, Elder Domingo , Elder Orongan, Elder Woodbury

Elder Espinoza, Elder Lim, Elder Lucena
Elder Huber, Elder Tarawa, Elder Blanco, Elder Espinoza
Elder Ruiz, President Speirs
Sister Broadbent, Sister Laws, Sister Brown, Sister Williams
Elder and Sister Petersen
Sister Silbasa
Elder McKinzie, Elder Cajefe, Elder Blanco
Sister Fisher, Sister Pumarin, Sister Ioteeba, Sister Palle
Sister Broadbent, Elder Domingo, Elder Agbayani, Elder Broadbent