Saturday, November 19, 2016

New Missionaries!

October 12, 2016

Four weeks after our missionaries arrive in the field, they return to the Mission Office with their trainers for a follow-up training session.  It is always great to see them again, feel their enthusiasm, and answer any questions.  
Elder Lim, Elder Lambson, Elder Bannagao
Sister Petersen, our photographer, taking pics of
Elder Iobeta, Elder Ramos, Elder Espinosa
Elder Milford, Elder Richards
Elder Suarez, Elder Huber
Elder Bannagao, Elder Suarez, Elder Huber
Catching a Jeepney home.
Elder Golden and Elder Tedrow
Elder Thomson, Elder Macalia, Elder Bannagao, Elder Suarez, Elder Villegas, Elder Huber
Waiting for a Jeepney 
Elder Suarez
Elder Brimhall and Elder Lim 
Waiting for a Jeepney in the front of the Mission Office.
The Molino Chapel is in the background. 

Sister King, Sister San Diego, Sister Tamatu, Elder Milford, Elder Espinosa 
Elder Ramos and Elder Lambson are hanging Sister Petersen's bamboo Christmas Tree in the Mission Office.

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