Friday, November 18, 2016

October 2016 MLC

Our Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders work very hard.  They are righteous, diligent missionaries who have the extra responsibility to serve and help the missionaries in their areas.  We all look forward to our Mission Leadership Council meetings which are held once a month in the Mission Home.  

Sister Livermore, Sister Dacalcap, Elder Ellega, Elder Prows, Elder Guiral , Elder Orongan
Elder Jury, President Speirs, Elder Padua, Elder Lambson, Elder Lugo, Elder Woodbury,
Elder Domingo, Elder Swasey, Elder Ramos 
President Speirs and his pineapple field, with Elder Woodbury, Elder Lambson, Sled Swasey, Elder Lugo, Elder Ramos, Elder Orongan, and Elder Padua

Sister Bishoff, Sister Livermore, Sister San Diego, Sister Silbasa, Sister Musni, Sister Dacalcap
Back:  Sister Thomas and Sister King 
Our October Mission Leadership Council

Elder Lorenzo, Elder Dolleno, Sister Thomas, Elder Ellaga, Elder Jury 

A sight I love!  Not seeing them leave, but watching how they love each other.

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