Friday, November 18, 2016

Transfer Day - September 14, 2016

Transfer Day is exciting, happy, sad, scary, and everything in-between.  It is a time to welcome new missionaries straight from the MTC, as well as say Good-bye to old companions and area, and start anew.

Elder Woodbury, Pres. Speirs, Elder Espinoza, Elder Lucena
"Obedience is the new COOL!"

Sisters Williams, Brown, Bellita, Gabalfin, and Pumarin
Elder Mansing, Elder Galvez, Elder Lantano, Elder Biado
Elder Broadbent, Elder Feliciano, Elder Richards
Elder Lucena, Elder Huber, Elder Domingo , Elder Orongan, Elder Woodbury

Elder Espinoza, Elder Lim, Elder Lucena
Elder Huber, Elder Tarawa, Elder Blanco, Elder Espinoza
Elder Ruiz, President Speirs
Sister Broadbent, Sister Laws, Sister Brown, Sister Williams
Elder and Sister Petersen
Sister Silbasa
Elder McKinzie, Elder Cajefe, Elder Blanco
Sister Fisher, Sister Pumarin, Sister Ioteeba, Sister Palle
Sister Broadbent, Elder Domingo, Elder Agbayani, Elder Broadbent

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